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THE FINE PRINT {identity design}

  • Turnaround Times

    Commecement & Completion
    No guarantee is implied by stated production and turnaround times. These timeframes are estimates based on the average rates of completion from our design team. The project shall commence once the project requirements have been made available to us and a Creative Brief has been approved by the client.

    Although delays are uncommon, sometimes things are beyond our control. No guarantee is implied by stated production and turnaround times. No refunds or credits will be issued for exceeding stated turnaround and production estimates.

    If your order is time sensitive, please consult one of our team members for best recommendations on minimizing the risk of delay.
  • Proofing

    We do not accept responsibility for proofing any orders, and we will not accept responsibility for any copy or design errors committed (your error or our error) after the buyer has approved the order. If changes are required, the additional time to re-make or change your job will affect the turnaround time.
  • Delivery

    Completed projects are delivered electronically via email once a final proof has been approved.

    Completed projects delivered via CD, fax, postal mail, or other means as required by the client, may incur additional fees. The client is responsible and will be billed for all shipping, handling, and insurance costs.
  • Returns, Refunds & Cancellations

    No refunds or returns will be allowed for any digital products or services. In limited cases at our discretion, partial store credit may be issued to partially completed digital orders for cancellations requested before an initial proof has been presented.
  • Design Policy

    Transfer of rights
    Identity Design specific orders designed by us are to be considered property of VueOne until a final approved has been approved. Once a final approval has been given, all rights to the Final Artwork will be transferred to the client.

    Final Artwork
    A design is considered a Final Artwork once everything is in place. This includes all fonts, colors, graphics, and the client has given final approval.

    Final Artwork Files
    The original, editable AI file
    A vector EPS file in digital (RGB) format ​
    A vector EPS file in print (CMYK) format
    A web preview file (PNG, JPEG, PDF)

    Design Concepts
    All design concepts used within the scope of this project are property of VueOne unless otherwise purchased by the client. We retain all rights to reuse and resell any concepts not used in the Final Artwork.

    Design Fonts
    The Final Art files will not contain embedded fonts. Any commercial fonts included in your design will be rasterized, outlined or acquired legally by the client.

    Marketing & Publications
    We retain all rights to use the Final Artwork and any preliminary designs and concepts for the purpose of design competitions, future publications on design, educational purposes and marketing of our business.
  • Concepts, Redraws, & Revisions

    Change Request
    Any allotment for concepts, redraws, and revisions will be clearly stated by our team members when before your order is placed. All change request must be requested before a final proof approval is given. In cases where the client wants to modify/change the Final Art, an hourly rate will be billed for additional labor and man hours incurred.

    You must clearly state that on your proof that changes are required. Our online proofing system has a button that says "Changes Required". Our team members will not commence any redraws or revisions on your project until all comments have been made and the request for "Changes Required" has been clearly stated.

    A design concept is a conceptual illustration of how the design to be created by us will look and feel. The elements of a design concept are created from scratch.

    A redraw refers to requests for a completely new concept which includes changes in major design elements, like the entire color scheme of the design, complex background and complex borders, main character elements and custom graphics that will be created from scratch, changes in structure and those that will affect the slicing of graphics and overall look and feel of the design.

    A Revision refers to spelling, grammatical, font styles, copy and simple color changes, as well as alterations of plain background or borders, and replacement of new graphic already made available by the client.
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