Who’s Talking About You?

In May of 2009 Revolution Magazine in collaboration with i-level, crunched the numbers to reveal the 100 most mentioned brands on Twitter. To no surprise only 5 of the top 10 brands actually have Twitter accounts of their own. As a matter of fact, less than half the names on the list have actually jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, undoubtedly a statement of powerful brands.

You don’t need a Twitter account to get mentioned (in Apple’s case) 512,110 times on Twitter. This brings to life the realization that brands live inside consumers not the company.

How many can really tell the difference in consumer value between FedEx and UPS? It doesn’t really matter, FedEx has more than 3 times as many mentions than UPS. That’s 3 times more chances of being remembered, and that’s because they had 3 times more people that wanted to talk about them.


Graphics of The Americas

If you ever want to catch a glimpse into the future of print and design, there’s few places as appropriate as the annual GOA convention and Expo. This year Miami Beach had the honor of hosting one of the largest annual creative events in the U.S., attracting worldwide participation from graphic arts, print, marketing, and creative professionals.

I don’t think we could ever pass on the chance to meet some of these amazing individuals and their even more amazing technology. I’m happy to say we left this event with a whole new wave of inspiration, equipment, and way too many paper samples.

A warm thanks goes out to our new friends at Printex and X-Rite for allowing us to pick their brains on the development of color management, and of course letting us buy some of their great equipment.
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