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Hiring A Graphic Designer

There’s no doubt that with every new client we are blessed with, there have yet to be two equivalent stories of how it came to be that they selected us. However, regardless of how they got here, there’s a strange similarity between the question they ask in the selection process, or should i say lack […]

What’s It Worth To You?

As much as we’d like to deny it, most of us will judge a book by its cover at one point or another, well maybe more than just books. It’s natural to be visually stimulated and many cases it just makes sense. Consider the hundreds of interactions we have with others every single day. There […]

18 Ways To Improve Your Site In 10 Minutes

Link your logo Link you logo to your homepage. Sounds simple enough but it will save time for your users. Make links obvious: It’s a quick job to style them so they contrast against regular body copy. Make text readable: Make it easy on your readers let your text breathe by using line height and […]