Yale First Nation Final Agreement Pdf

17 (1) Second, in order to determine the right of individuals to join the Yale First Nation Final Agreement, to register individuals under the Yale First Nation final agreement, and to ratify the agreement by Yale First Nation, Canada will then explore options to improve access to other instruments outside the negotiation process that address Aboriginal rights and promote economic development and self-sufficiency. If an agreement cannot be reached in a timely manner, there would be other ways to meet the aspirations of Aboriginal communities. 25.8.2 On an application for judicial review under item 25.8.1, the Supreme Court of British Columbia may dismiss the motion, refer the decision or refer the matter to the Enrolment Board or an agency established under 25.7, as instructed by the Tribunal. 2. The Minister responsible for administering the Fisheries Act is authorized to enter into an agreement in British Columbia law on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, amending the harvest agreement in accordance with the provisions of the harvest agreement. 25.5.8 Subject to this chapter, all decisions of the registration committee are final and binding. 25.7.1 The Registration Committee and the Board of Appeal are dissolved if they have made final decisions on these applications or appeals, which were initiated during the first registration period. 25.3.1 An applicant who is a beneficiary of another contract or land agreement in Canada or who has applied to Canada is not registered simultaneously under this agreement, unless otherwise stated below. The contracting process in British Columbia recently suffered a major setback when Yale First Nation, a municipality in southern B.C, suspended its implementation processes. The First Nation announced that it would not be able to implement its final agreement until April 2016 due to “critical deficiencies” in the negotiated agreement, citing a fishing rights dispute with the Sto: lo First Nation. Given that currently more than 100% of B.C are claimed by First Nations, it was only a matter of time before overlapping claims were a major obstacle to the completion of contractual agreements. Approximately 21 hectares of Crown Province, to be transferred to Yale First Nation as a Treaty Country, are currently designated as part of the reserve; this name will not change. d.

at least 30 days before the first day of voting, a list of voters entitled to vote, based on the registration register submitted by the registration committee in accordance with point 25.5.3, and published, establishing whether each person has the right to vote in the register at point 26.4.1b; and the Canadian Constitution recognizes and confirms the existing rights and titles of Aboriginal people.