Workforce Development Agreement Canada

Regional Security Officer Employment and Social Development Canada Portage Place, Phase II 165 City Hotel, 6th Floor, Mailtop L603 Gatineau, QC K1A 0J9 (2) An amendment to one of the annexes to this agreement may be made by the written agreement of the designated officials of the contracting parties. As we seek economic recovery from the pandemic, the Canadian government will continue to support Canadians and help them increase their potential. Together, we can build a stronger workforce and a more competitive and resilient Canada. 50. In the event that payments to British Columbia under the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement and the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement for persons with deductions exceed the amount to which British Columbia is entitled under these agreements, the amount of the surplus is a liability of Canada and will be refunded to Canada immediately after notification and within the time limit. Canada has agreements on labour market transfer with provinces and territories called “Labour Market Agreements for Persons with Disabilities,” the Canadian Employment Fund and Targeted Initiative for Older Workers. Canada and British Columbia agree that it is essential to put in place the frameworks necessary to measure and evaluate performance in order to track results, demonstrate results and inform program and policy development. 5.5 Unless British Columbia requires it or has not approved British Columbia in writing and subject to 5.2 of this agreement, Canada cannot disclose to a third party the information received from British Columbia under this agreement, unless there is a written agreement between Canada and the third party imposing on third parties the obligations imposed on Canada under this agreement with respect to the protection of such information. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced the details of a $1.5 billion investment in the hand-of-life development agreements. (WDAs) with the provinces and territories.

This investment will help Canadians in under-represented groups and in sectors most affected by the pandemic – such as construction, transportation and hospitality – to have quick access to aid to reintegrate into the country in 2001. It could include qualification, workplace training, employer-supported training, financial support and benefits, counselling and work services, and employment opportunities. This credit will be in addition to the $3.4 billion made available to provinces and territories in 2020-21 under WDAs and Labour Development Agreements (WMMDs). 20. Any amount paid by Canada to British Columbia and greater than the amount to which British Columbia is entitled under this agreement is a debt: Canada, by the agreement of the contracting parties: 37. (1) During the duration of this agreement, when another province or country in a region negotiates a labour force development agreement with Canada or an amendment to such an agreement and a provision in this agreement or amendment agreement is more favourable to that province or region than has been negotiated with British Columbia, Canada agrees to amend that agreement to allow British Columbia to receive the same treatment if requested by British Columbia. This amendment is retroactive to the effective date of the labour development agreement or the modification of such an agreement with the other province or region. In Budget 2017, Canada announced a commitment to make these labour market transfer agreements simpler and more flexible by consolidating them into new labour development agreements. In budget 2017, Canada announced its commitment to simplify and relax three agreements on the transmission of labour market information (labour market agreements for people with disabilities, the Canadian Employment Fund agreements and the targeted initiative on older workers agreements), easing them into new labour market agreements